Just take me out of the city

What do you need to recharge your batteries?

This week I needed a long drive away from the city. It was just a longing in my heart as my body struggled with post-house-move exhaustion. With the kids at school for the day my partner treated me to a drive around Samford, Camp Mountain, Dayboro, Warner and Petrie.

Although I got tired very quickly and just wanted to fall asleep it was therapeutic gently making our way in and out of local post offices, fighting over delicious sausage rolls from a bakery in Dayboro, indulging in a gluten free lemon and pistachio cake from an organic café in Samford and striking up conversations with the locals about my Partner’s 1979 vintage car.

I always enjoy the artisanal nature and community focus of local businesses and in small towns they feel like the pulse of the place.

Do you enjoy or live in a small town? How do you recharge your batteries?